Engineers Without Borders - University of Toronto Chapter

As the marketing executives, Sahar and I work together, to ensure that the voice of each portfolio within the chapter is heard. We arrange marketing meetings in order to update our marking team, take care of the website, and run different events. Below are some of the highlights of 2013. 

U of T Clubs Fair 

For this year's clubs fair, Sahar and I decided to do something unique in order to draw people's attention and attract them to our booth. We thought about our problem systematically: our stakeholders were first year students, and our goal was to get them to stop by our booth so that we could tell them what EWB is and what our vision is as members of this organization. The solution was then obvious, we needed to design something big, exciting, and colorful that was also relevant to EWB. So, we decided to bring our T-shirt design to life, by having different continents attached to helium balloons floating in the sky behind our booth.

We started off by cutting out the design, then we went and bought lots of orange helium balloons, and an orange ribbon. You would be surprised how difficult it is to carry that many helium balloons using public transit on a windy day! Nevertheless we had a great time.

us balloon.png

We made it, and our booth ended up looking great (unfortunately we were too busy on that day to take pictures). We talked to many new students and told them about EWB and invited them to our first general meeting. For the last hour, we wrote inspiring quotes on the balloons, attached a business card to the end of each ribbon, and started giving them away.

Aside form decorating the booth, we designed business cards and banners in order to better represent ourselves; which are attached as links.

Sandford Fleming Mural 

Sahar and Wendy caught in action!

Sahar and Wendy caught in action!

In order to represent EWB, Sahar and I chose an interesting design. We also modified the design such that it incorporates elements from the city of Toronto. With the help of other executives we finished painting the mural that we believe conveyed the vision of EWB. 

Me painting and balancing my feet on the bench - Safe working environment!

Me painting and balancing my feet on the bench - Safe working environment!


Regional Retreat 

EWBers are an amazing group of people that keep inspiring me in life and my career path as an Engineer. Midnight story time around the camp fire with these people can never be forgotten. 

photo 1.JPG
photo 3.JPG

My Team

  • Sahar Ameri
  • Parastoo Abtahi