A Travel Journal Web App

In 2016, during a semester long software design course, we developed MyMap. My teammates and I love to travel and share our experiences with others. We could not find a travel diary application that met our needs, so we decided to build one. The product is a customizable map view that marks the cities and highlights the countries visited by the user. In addition, journal entries are overlaid on top of the map view and can include photos or videos. 


In the video below, I show how a user can login to MyMap for the first time, create a new trip, and add two new entries to that trip! I also demonstrate how the map view can be customized!

In hindsight, we should have changed the color of the text next to the checkboxes according to the style of the map!


For more information about the project, please refer to the proposal and the final report.

My team

  • Drew MacNeil
  • Julian Coelho
  • Tyler Colaco
  • Douglas Chong
  • Parastoo Abtahi