Rocscience Inc.

In 2013, as a marketing summer intern at Rocscience, I worked on different projects, such as creating a knowledge base, designing conference banners, and making a series of YouTube videos. Below I will focus mainly on the series of videos I created, as I spent most of my time on this task. 

Demo Videos 

I created a series of videos to introduce RS3; a 3D finite element program that was recently released. Since this software is being sold internationally, this video is made in different languages, such as: English, French, Spanish, Korean, and Chinese. The video above is the Spanish version, and the audio was recorded by Raul, one of the sales representatives in Peru. The rest of the Demo Videos can be found here

Feature Videos 

I created 13 videos that focus on different features of the software. I used a combination of tutorial models and pre-existing geotechnical modelling examples to demonstrate these features. The rest of the feature videos can be found here

Tutorial Videos 

Tutorial PDF files are provided to the customers upon purchase. After reviewing the questions that were asked in the knowledge base, I found some common pitfalls, and combined them into a series of tutorial videos. The rest of the tutorial videos can be found here

Installation Videos 

Jessica and Annie seemed to be getting similar questions regarding software installations, and in most of the cases the problem was that the customers didn't read the instructions carefully. In order to solve this common issue, I created a series of installation videos, where they got to go through every step of the installation process. The rest of the installation videos can be found here

My Team

At Rocscience I worked with great people in an amazing working environment, and the experience was very valuable for me. You can read about my experience and other interns' at Rocscience here. Below is a picture of us, the student interns, and Thamer, our wonderful supervisor. 

group photo.jpg

Future Plans

I went back to Rocscience Inc. and worked as a software developer intern for my PEY (2014 - 2015).