Between the third and forth year of my undergraduate studies, at U of T, I did a year-long internship (PEY) at Rocscience Inc. as a Software Developer Intern. Rocscience Inc. develops various types of Geo-mechanics software for Mining and Civil applications. I worked on Slide 7.0 which is a slope stability analysis program. I researched, designed, implemented, and optimized a new limit equilibrium analysis method named Sarma. 


During the first part of my internship at Rocscience Inc., I worked on implementing the Sarma (1973) - a Limit Equilibrium method for Slope Stability Analysis.


During the second half of my internship, I designed and implemented the Sarma (1979) method, and integrated it into Rocscience's Slope Stability Analysis software Slide 7.0. This method uses non-vertical slices, and I faced many challenges such as convergence issues and unacceptable roots that I have addressed in the slides below: